Heating foils


Applications with an increased need of equal heat distribution require special heating elements. Heating foils are known for their especially homogeneous heat distribution and are preferably used for spacy components. In all heating foils the resistance material in wire form, printed, etched or holohedral is inserted between two insulation layers. The respective material of the heating foil depends on the operating temperature.

Used materials are e.g. polyester (max. 110°C / 0,2W/cm²), silicone (max. 200°C / 0,8W/cm²), Kapton (max. 200°C / 2W/cm²) and mikanite (max. 450°C / 5W/cm²).

According to the requirements such as operating temperature, flexibility or humidity resistance, different materials are used for the heating foil. A self-adhesive coating as an option for easy fixation on the workpiece is always possible with the exception of micanite foils. Further options, e.g. temperature sensors or temperature limiters can also be realised upon request.