heizmanschetteHeating jackets are operable heating systems with integrated thermal insulation. They can be produced for nearly any form and dimension specified by the customer. The main purpose is fulfilled by the ability that heating jackets can be assembled and disassembled almost as often as you like without leaving any residues. The operational locations are various, the most common are: pipes, flanges, containers, pump heads, valves etc. Materials and heating cables vary depending on the operating temperatures of up to 900°C. They mostly consist of glass fibre support fabric. A glass-insulated constant wattage heating cable is sewed onto the surface of the support fabric in meandering shape (loop-shaped). This is accompanied by an insulation layer, e.g. made of temperature-resistant glass needle felt material. For mechanical protection, a durable outer sheath is used, made of e.g. glass fibre covering material with special coating of silicone, aluminium or PTFE. For connection with customer's control system, sensors for temperature regulation as well as for limitation can be integrated into the heating jacket.