Antenna heating systems


Antenna heating systems have become indispensable in the field of antenna technology.

They ensure a high transmission- and reception performance also in bad weather conditions. The individual design of each antenna heating is carried out based on drawings or measurements taken on-site.

The most important argument for using an electrical antenna heating from Caloplex is primarily the cost saving. The other option is the widely used method of many antenna heating systems by means of a hot air blower. The most important disadvantages of this method are the high operating costs and the low efficiency of the blowers. Furthermore, heating the antenna with hot air means that the complete rear antenna surface has to be covered causing high expenditures. This sandwich construction shall retain the heated air between the cover and the antenna surface. The electrical antenna heating does not need such an expensive cover, because the individual heating mat segments already include an appropriate thermal insulation. The current costs can be reduced by approx. 60% by using electrical antenna heating systems. This cost saving is due to the direct heating of the rear antenna surface by means of stuck heating mats. Thus, a local heating is not caused via the surrounding air (hot air blower = low efficiency), but via a direct heat flow from the heating mat onto the surface of the antenna. Thanks to the flexible design in form of individual heating mats, it is possible to heat every type of antenna - no matter which design, size and operating location.