Heating registers and electric flange heaters were designed to heat different fluid and gaseous media by means of direct contact. It does not matter whether it concerns steam generation or heating/temperature maintenance of water, oils, bitumes or non-flammable gaseous media and vapours. The used materials and designs differ considerably depending on the operating temperature, surface power, medium and environmental conditions. According to the application, the basic design includes highly compressed tubular heating elements usually of diameter 6.5mm, 8.5mm, 11.0mm, 16.0mm and bar-shaped cartridge heaters of diameter 8.5mm, 16.0mm, 25.0mm or oval tubular heating elements measuring 16x16mm.The design and the quantity of heating elements used per heating register depends on your requirements. The used tube plates (flange plates) correspond with the actual norm for the respective field of application and are also available in different types of steel and stainless steel like the tubular heaters and the heating cartridges.

The choice of the connection housing falls to well-known manufacturers and the common material powder coated sheet steel or stainless steel. The heaters are ready for connection and wired on terminals in the connection housing with the optional temperature sensors for the medium temperature and/or for the heater temperature.