cptc5schalttafelzweikanalCP-TC-5 was designed for control panel installation and due to its very small size it allows an optimal use of the available space. The crucial difference to model CP-TC-1 is the option of two separate temperature sensor inputs. Thus, it is possible to process two different temperature points in one device. 8A switching power, multi-voltage input, multi sensor input, display showing nominal and actual value, 2 point/PID-control, signal relay and analog outputs are only some of the advantages of this device. Moreover, a time-saving transmission of parameters is possible via an interface and an optionally available memory module.

Technical data

Adjustment options:
Key pad from -200…1760°C (depending on the sensor)
4 digit set point display (red), 4 digit actual value display (green)
8 signal LED like for heating „on“, alarm 1, alarm 2, manual „on“, autotuning, interface communication
Operating voltage:
24...230V AC/DC +10/-15%
Supply frequency:
Sensor inputs:
2 pieces, selectable
  • thermocouples: K, J, R, S (incl. automatic cold junction temperature compensation)
  • Resistance thermometer: PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, PTC1k, NTC10k, 6kohm, 150kohm
  • Standard signals: 0..10V, 0..40mV, 0..20mA, 4..20mA
  • Measuring tolerance: +/-0,2%, +/-1 digit
Analog outputs:
SSR output 12V/30 mA, standard signals
Bus output:
RS485 (Modbus)
Switching power:
Relais 1 (250V/8A), Relais 2 (250V/8A), Relais 3 (250V/8A)
Type of control:
P, PI, PD, PID, 2 point with hysteresis, optionally with autotuning of the parameter, also adjustable as limiter
Ramp function:
Protection class:
Degree of protection:
IP54 (front) (IP65 possible with seal), IP20 (clamps)
Operating temperature:
Storage temperature:
Housing material:
Additional features:
time-saving copying of the parameters of one control onto other controls by means of a plug-in card