Heated hoses

druckschlauchThe broad field of heated hoses can first of all be divided into two categories.
The first category includes the heated analytic hoses for transportation of gaseous substances from the point of extraction to the point of evaluation. The second category includes the heated pressure hoses which are used for the transportation of viscous media without loss of temperature. Both cases require flexible transportation of a media from one point to another without loss of temperature.

The structure of the heated hose is always the same, independent from the purpose:

  • an inner hose adjusted to the application
  • heating cable with temperature sensor, wrapped around the inner hose
    (optionally also with self-stabilising heating cable, laid along the inner hose)
  • an insulation layer consisting of one or more different insulating materials, depending on the temperature
  • an adapted outer sheath with end caps according to the type of application
  • a temperature-resistant connection with plug
In the following we restrict ourselves to a very small number of possible applications.
Our technical department will be pleased to develop a suitable and economic solution for your special task.