Plug-in/screw-in heating elements differ from heating registers and/or flange heaters with regard to size and power. The range extends from small to handy designs used in household our industrial appliances for the direct heating of water or aqueous solutions. Generally, these heating elements consist of one or more loop-shaped, bent tubular heaters ending in a compact, mostly cylindrical connection housing.

The immersion depth – i.e. the length of the tubular heating – is approx. 200 mm to 800 mm.
It is made of copper, steel and different types of stainless steel.

In most cases the nominal wattage is restricted to a range of 1000W to 9000W.
The connection housing of screw-in heating elements have a screw head with an internal thread for easy assembly at the usage site. Upon request, the tubular heating element can be supplied in the connection housing, together with an optional temperature sensor, wired on terminals ready for connection. A possible further option is a direct integration of a controller in the connection housing, enabling an autarkic operation of the heating element.