zugWe offer suitable electric heating systems for the different applications of the national and international railway network and its railway vehicles. The places of installation are diverse: e.g. direct heating of rails in special track sections or heating of switch points, ensuring a smooth operation of the turnout systems.
Snow, ice and considerable temperature fluctuations obstruct a failure-free adjustment of the railway switch points. This is due to the snow which is pressed between the tongue and the stock rail. The heating for a turnout system may consist of several partial heating systems. According to the requirement the heating comprises the switch tongue, the stock rail, the frog or the point lock. A great advantage of the electrical heating is based on the fact that the rails and the switch points can be heated by using either the public electricity network or the overhead line system. At icy temperatures, however, heating mats are also used inside the railway vehicles to protect them against frost and to prevent the tank systems from being cooling down.