containerbeheizungContainer heating systems are divided into different categories. On the one hand standard-/special containers are heated and semi-trailer containers on the other hand. The requirements are different and designed for the transport by road, by rail or by sea.

The world grows together more and more and due to the long transport distances it is important to protect temperature-sensitive products against temperature fluctuations.

A temperature drop in the containers can cause a quality loss or even deterioration of chemicals, drinks, food, colours and adhesives.
Temperature-exact electrical container heating system offer a reliable possibility to protect your products. A temperature range from frost protection up to 350°C can be covered completely

The possible solutions are as broad as the requirements are varied.


Our range extends from direct cover of the container surface with PTFE or mineral insulated heating elements to prefabricated heating mats for an easy assembly.
A precise, durable, robust and homogeneous heating can be realised for any container or container form, without exception. The advantage which our products offer, is an equal heat distribution over the whole surface, being the only way to ensure a precise tempering of the medium. The right choice for the heating of IBC containers depends basically on the fact, whether the IBC containers are used once or several times. For both options we offer you the adequate solution, either simple heating foils for one-time use or heating sleeves including thermal insulation for easy assembly on multiple use containers.

Of course, we also provide the adequate measuring- and control instruments for each product, consisting of standard control units from our stock or of special control units, e.g. made of stainless steel, such as used for heated tank semitrailers.