fassundbodenheizertransparePressure drops in gas bottles caused by low outside temperatures or by removal of very high volumes, lead to problems especially with high-quality gases. The consequence is freezing, an irregular gas flow or simply not completely emptied gas bottles.
Remedy is achieved by our gas-bottle heaters with a sheet steel jacket, produced to fit precisely for your standard as well as for your special gas bottle. Hinged and equipped with the necessary control technology, they can easily be assembled around the cylindrical jacket of the gas bottle by means of quick fasteners.

The electrical heating of media of different viscosity in barrels and canisters, made of steel or plastic material, offers a wide range of products – beginning with the low-cost flexible heating sleeve for barrels and canisters made of plastic material. They are made of water-resistant polyester fabrics equipped with the necessary thermal insulation and control for temperatures between frost protection up to 90°C. Easy assembly is ensured by robust lashing straps with adjustable snap fits. In the field of steel barrels from 30 to 220 litres, even three electrical heating solutions can be offered.
Heating bands of e.g. each 1000W, made of fibre-glass reinforced silicone for a temperature range of 20 up to -120°C, can easily be assembled by means of hooks and tension springs.
Similar to the heating bands for plastic barrels, we produce heating bands for steel barrels with the necessary thermal insulation and including a control unit, however, made of glass fabrics. This is a flexible alternative to the metal drum heaters for temperatures from 20 to 220°C.
The mobile steel drum- and base heater combinations on wheels mentioned above, belong to the most sophisticated category. They can be used for temperatures from 0 to 300°C and with an output of more than 4000W. The first part consists of a hinged, double wall sheet steel jacket with an integrated thermal insulation and electrical heating on the inner surface.
The drum heater can quickly be put around the body of the drum by means of quick fasteners.
The second part of the combination consists of a robust metal heating plate suitable for temperatures up to 300°C and an output of 1500W. The heating plate is also equipped with a thermal insulation and the necessary control system. Both components allow quick heat-up times and can optionally be delivered as a single item.