fussbodenheizmattenFloor heating mats can be separated into two categories.
The first category includes floor direct heating mats for the application field of building services.
These heating systems are specialised both for new buildings, as well as for the use in utility rooms and livings spaces for renovation of old buildings. Because of their low installation height, floor heating mats can be used for any floor constructions, for floor coverings such as tiles, natural stone, carpets, PVC, wood, laminate or cork.
The second category includes the open space heating systems, which are primarily used to prevent from ice and snow. The requirements of winterly operating locations, such as streets, driveways, pavements, ramps, parking spaces and pedestrian zones demand the highest quality.
Both systems are based on special grid mats. A corresponding heating cable is prefixed in meandering shape (loop-shaped) on their surface by the factory. The used material of the heating cables depends on the temperature and nature of the operating location. Very simple installation and handling by prefabricated heating mats save you a lot of time and effort.