To realise our intentions we are looking for cosmopolitan, confident and comitted employees. For the success of a company, the employees and their know-how are particularly important.

On the one hand, we expect our employees to have the required specialist knowledge, and on the other hand the ability to acquire our particular, sectoral specialist knowledge.

We take your willingness for further training as a prerequisite. Because only in this way it is possible for us, to find new innovative solutions and to successfully implement those. Furthermore, we expect a strong sense of responsibility, capacity for teamwork, customer orientation, determination and initiative.

Due to the close collaboration with companies in many countries we expect you to be open-minded towards other cultures.

We offer you sophisticated and future-oriented tasks, quick integration into our team, further training, personal opportunities for advancement, short decision ways and the special atmosphere of a medium-sized company.

Contribute your knowledge, your abilities and your talent to our company.

Our job offers are always addressed to both genders, even if for reasons of better legibility, only one form is listed.

If not specified otherwise, the job offers are full-time.

With the internships we speak to students, who have not yet finished their studies. Normally, the internships last several months and are suitable for practical semesters for students of Diploma and Bachelor's degrees.

Please facilitate our work:

We generally prefer applications by e-mail – therefore, please avoid sending applications by post, if possible.

We expect complete application documents:

This also include certificates of educations completed, references of previous employments. If possible, please combine your application documents to one file, respectively one attachment and use pdf-formats for scanned documents.

Current status: No vacancies for jobs or internships at the moment.